Funny Doctor Names

Doctor Dick Tapper Urology

It’s a weird weird world.  Were some of this people destined to become a specialist just because of their name?  All these Doctors must have a strong sense of humor, not only going through life with their name but taking it to the next level.  And to any parent that wants to name their kid […]

Redskin Rant

Subject: Force Dan Snyder to sell the Redskins Hi, Ever since Dan Snyder bought the Washington Redskins our beloved team’s legacy is being annihilated. Millions of Redskin fans have wasted countless hours, weeks and years hoping for a change, among numerous coaches, and QBs, However the one constant in this downfall is the owner and […]

Flat Tires

Gladiator Beaver discovers Duck Dynasty

Bear Rant

The Bear that Doesn’t Care

Justin Bieber interview

It’s Bieber Vs. Beaver on this funny episode of the Beaver Empire news. If you like please rate comment and share. Share the love and hit them buttons!

Win Win- Ronnie Mund and JD animation

Ronnie Mund Hall Monitor runs into spelling bee champ JD Harmeyer in this animation short. Witness the beginning of the end of JD’d peak. Staring Howard Stern’s limo driver, Ronnie and his spelling bee champ JD Harmeyer. If you like please rate comment and share. Share the love and hit them buttons!

Little Ronnie Mund Hall Monitor

Ronnie Mund figures out his future career path as a middle school hallway monitor in this Beaver Empire animation. Plus a Benjy Bronk cameo. Share the love and hit them buttons!

Beaver Empire Birthday Ecards

The Beaver Empire proudly announces our new selection of funny birthday ecards.  Click the Gladiator Beaver’s ecard below to be see all our birthday ecards.  

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