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About the Beaver Empire

The Beaver Empire is back! And it longs to be spread far and wide!

The Beaver Empire fell in the year 216 with the assumed demise of their greatest hero, Gladiator Beaver. Without their beacon of strength, the empire was soon divided by their greatest enemy– the squirrels. Lacking direction the beavers blended in with the other second-class forest creatures and proceeded to live a normal existence. Fearful of repeating history, the beavers chose to hide their heritage of world domination.

Now, in present day 2010, one thousand seven hundred ninety-four years later, Munch the Beaver has made a discovery that will rock the world. Gladiator Beaver is Alive! Trapped in a block of ice frozen throughout the centuries, the hero is re-born.

When Munch updates Gladiator Beaver about the current world, he vows revenge! How dare the Beaver Empire not exist! The beavers live lowly and powerless! Man—the funny hairless creature—sit at the world’s throne! He resolves to seek vengeance on the squirrels, rebuild the beaver empire and restore the beavers to their rightful place as world rulers.

But he needs strength in numbers–your love of the beaver– to aid in his quest. So join Gladiator Beaver as he rebuilds the Empire with young eager beaver, Munch.

About Gemini Rogue LLC:
We are all about laughter. So if you laughed while watching the adventures of Gladiator Beaver, job well done!

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